The Industry

The Australian Horse Industry is a maze of activities, features and personalities making it complex but colourful. As a whole it is vast both in economic contribution and size, however the fragmentation and diverse nature of the industry often dilutes this impression. For the purposes of this presentation, we have created sixteen sectors to define the industry, so that we can showcase it in its entirety.

The depth and diversity of the industry is as exciting as it is confusing. It provides so many wonderful opportunities for people to be involved socially and professionally. There have been numerous reports and studies of this industry which leaves no doubt that the Australian Horse Industry contributes significantly to the economy. 

However, its structure and purpose is as varied as it is vast, giving it a unique identity that even most horse people struggle to comprehend, appreciate or respect. This lack of understanding and often misconception, hampers the industry's growth and development in many areas but particularly in identifying career paths, potential business opportunities, attracting and even keeping people in the industry. 

Our aim is to present a collaborative and comprehensive resource to alter this perception.